Best Roofers in Texas and Oklahoma

We have been searching for the Best Roofers in Texas and Oklahoma, and found a few that we feel like are doing a great job and quality work.  We wanted to make sure and show you a few that we feel are a cut above the rest, and that we feel would do a great job if you hired them for your Home or Commercial Building.  They are all Local, Family owned Roofing Companies offering Residential and Commercial Roofing all across North Texas ad Oklahoma.  The other part of these Companies that we really like is we personally know the Owners and feel confident that they will treat you right.  So, who are these amazing Roofers?

First up we have the best Roofing Company in Frisco, Tx.  Frisco Roof Repairs has been repairing and replacing Roofs across Frisco and North Texas for years, and offers professional and experienced Roofers that will get the job done right the first time out.  Whether you need Hail Damage Roof repair or Storm Damage Roof replacement, Frisco Roof Repairs is your go to Roofing Repair Company in Frisco.  They will come to your Home or Office and provide a free Inspection and Estimate, and help you to know what your Insurance Company should be replacing and repairing.  They will fight for you to make sure that everything on your Home that received Damage is in the Insurance Estimate.  For the best Roof repairs in Frisco, you definitely need to call Frisco Roof Repairs!

The next Company we would like to spotlight is a Local, Family owned Roofing Company in Mesquite, Tx.  Mesquite Roof Repair has offered Residential and Commercial Roof repair across DFW and North Texas for years.  Their personable and professional Roofing Staff will help you navigate any Storm Damage, Wind Damage, Hail Damage or other Damage to your Roof.  One of their experienced Roofers will come to your Home or Office and provide a Free Inspection to see what all is damaged.  This could include fascia boards, gutters, chimneys, siding, windows, doors, fencing and more.  Any damage they see, they will include on the Insurance Estimate so that you know what you deserve from the Insurance Company.  For all of your Roof Repair and Replacement in Mesquite, call Mesquite Roof Repair.

The 3rd Company on our list is Broken Arrow Roof Repair in Broken Arrow, OK.  Broken Arrow Roof Repair is another great Locally owned and operated Roofing Company that is honest and fair.  When you call Broken Arrow Roof Repair you will be treated like family, and they will do what needs to be done to get your Roof Repaired or Replaced.  If a Tornado Damages your OK Roof, or hail or wind damages your Roof, Broken Arrow Roof Repair will make sure and get your House back to normal as fast as possible.  Their friendly and professional Roofers will come to your Home, give you a Free Roof Inspection and Free Estimate.  For all of your Storm Damage Roof Repair in Broken Arrow, give Broken Arrow Roof Repair a call!

In our search for quality Companies to highlight, all of these Companies represented the Best in Roofing Contractors in Texas and Oklahoma.  I’m sure we will find more quality Roofers, but these are a few that we know will provide quality work and will make sure you Roof is repaired or replaced properly.  Make sure and give these Companies a call if you have questions because they would be more than happy to help you.  We hope this information helps you to feel more confidence in the Contractors in your Area, and that your Home is well taken care of for years to come.

Best Business Insurance Agency

I recently began to look for the best Business Insurance in Denton, Tx.  I found many different Insurance Companies that offered all kinds of Business Insurance, but I wanted to find the best.  So, after looking at many different Companies I finally found the Best Business Insurance Agency in Denton.  One of the most important things I looked for in a quality Insurance Agency was the amount of Insurance Providers they offered.   Denton Commercial Insurance offers more Providers than any other Agency in Denton.

Not only do they provide more Insurance Providers, but they have the knowledge and experience to help you with whatever Insurance you need.  A few of their specialties are Restaurant Insurance, Mini Storage Insurance, Lawyers E&O Insurance, Medical Office Insurance, Professional Office Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance, Technology Insurance and Property and Building Insurance.  With multiple Providers for each of these types of Insurance, Denton Commercial Insurance can shop your Policy to make sure you receive the best Price for the Best Product.

Construction DealWe want to strip away the poorly ran Businesses and highlight the best Local Businesses.  We chose Denton Commercial Insurance for many different reasons, but one of the major ones is their Customer Service.  They truly provide Old School Customer Service.  You can call day or night and get someone, especially if you have an emergency.  This gives you the comfort to know that they will be there for you when you need them.  You will be given multiple Staff to help you so that you develop a relationship with different people.

Denton County is located North of the DFW Metro, and offers all kinds of opportunities for Business.  The University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University are both located in Denton and bring tens of thousands of College Students to the area and economy.  With the plethora of Businesses, Business Insurance is vital to make sure your Business is covered in case of a loss or other issue.  Business Insurance protects Owners and can really hurt the bottom line if you don’t have a great Agency to help you choose the right Insurance Product at the Best Price.

If you want to see the Best Business Insurance Agency in Texas, then you need to take a look at Denton Commercial Insurance.  As a Local Owned and operated Business that started in the 90’s to help Local Businesses, Denton Commercial Insurance continues to offer top notch service with top notch employees.  If you are looking for the most thorough Agency to help you make your Business secure and safe, this is an Insurance Agency you need to visit.

Best West Texas Trucking Company

The first Successful Business we want to highlight is a San Angelo Trucking Company specializing in Flatbed Hauling, Refrigerated Trucking and Heavy Haul Trucking.  Who is this Company?  Well, it’s PiMco Transportation!  Started in 1994 by the Chapmans, PiMco has hauled freight for many companies in West Texas and across the US.  With regular routes to Chicago and Milwaukee, PiMco Transportation provides trucking services all over the US.

Trucking is a science nowadays with all of the Regulations and Requirements for safe hauling.  PiMco has gone far and above to provide the safest Trucks on the road while making sure each load is on time and in great condition.  The Truck Drivers pride themselves in safe driving practices which helps to make PiMco a sought after Trucking Company in San Angelo.  Trucking Companies come and go, but PiMco has stood the test of time and provides exceptional Service.

A Trucking Companies Fleet is extremely important and PiMco has expert Mechanics to make sure all of the Trucks and Trailers are ready to hit the Road.  With hundreds of thousands of miles traveled each year, these Trucks and Trailers are put through it and without proper maintenance there would be delays and late shipments.  That’s not an issue with the maintenance schedule and time put into the Trucks at PiMco.  These Trucks are meticulously maintained and will see years and years of Service because of the care put into their maintenance.  For a Reliable Trucking Company, PiMco is hands down one of the Best.

With the growth of the Oilfield in West Texas, there are more and more calls for Pipe Hauling on Flatbed Trailers.  PiMco has received so many calls that they have purchased additional Flatbed Trailers to accommodate these needs.  Their Drivers are skilled at strapping down Oilfield Pipe in a safe manner to provide safe transport to and from Oilfield Locations.  They understand how important it is to get the Pipe to Location on Time so the job can run on time and there’s no down time.

As one of the Premiere San Angelo Trucking Companies, PiMco prides itself on providing a Reliable Trucking Service across West Texas and the US.  One of the reasons we spotlighted PiMco on A Grand Illusion is because it started with 1 truck and trailer and has now grown into a National Trucking Company that serves all kinds of Businesses.  Starting as a small Family Business, PiMco is now a much bigger operation that has over 30 trucks and trailers ready to haul Freight up and down the Highway.  If you want to see a successful Trucking Company, check out PiMco.

Welcome to A Grand Illusion

Thanks for visiting A Grand Illusion and learning about the Illusion of the world that’s all around us.  When we think that Businesses or Business Owners are successful many times they are struggling behind the scenes.  They put on the mask to look successful when they are worried about how they are going to pay the bills, what employee to hire or fire, how to grow their Business and other issues.

Well, we are here to spotlight a few Businesses that are doing really well and standing out among the crowd.  These Businesses are spread out across Texas and the US, and our goal is to help you pinpoint a few of the reasons why these Businesses are doing so well.  We have dug deep and know what makes a Business successful, and will give you some tips on why these specific Businesses are doing so well.  Stay tuned for what’s to come and find the tips and tricks you need to stay away from A Grand Illusion.

Best Interior Designers

Interior Designers in Midland Tx are in plenty.  There are Local Designers that have been in West Texas for years and years, and our new Spotlighted Business is one of those.  Decor by Angela was founded by Angelo Olson and is a Premiere Design service for New Home Construction Design, Remodeling Design, Event Decorating and Decor, Holiday Decorating and Decor and more.  Angela has over 20 years in the Interior Design Industry and has worked with all kinds of Homes and Businesses.

Angela sets herself apart as an experienced Designer with years of experience in New Home Construction.  For years, Angela would Design whole Homes from the plumbing fixtures to the Cabinets to the Flooring.  She would go over every detail making sure that everything was taken care of and that her Clients were happy with the work done.  She would work directly with the Contractors and walk alongside the project so that she could see the work as it was being done.  Her eye for detail and experience are an answered prayer during the stress of Designing the Interior of a new Home in Midland.

With the recent growth in Midland and Odessa, it is taking longer and longer to get a new Home built so Angela has been working with many Home owners Remodeling.  Remodeling a Home can be just as stressful as building a New Home, and Angela spent years flipping Homes so she knows the ins and outs of Remodeling.  She will work with you to make your vision a reality whether it’s your Bathroom remodel or Kitchen remodel.  Her expert advice and design skills will make your project much easier and she will take the stress out of your Remodel.

In addition to her success in Remodeling and New Home Construction, Angela also Decorates and provides Decor for Midland Events.  She has helped to create a “feel” for her clients like no other.  By adding specific Decor, Angela can turn an empty, boring space into the Event Room you need for your next Business Party.  Her extensive experience allows her to walk into a room and know what needs to be done, where.  She will have the Space decorated and ready to go for your Party or Event.

Angela will also come to your Midland Home or Office and Decorate for the Holidays.  Christmas is one of her favorite times of the year, and she has hundreds of Decorations she uses to make Homes and Offices look great for the Holidays.  She can bring everything or she can work with what you provide.  Her skill and desire to fit her Client’s taste shines through as she turns your Home or Office into a Holiday Wonderland.  These are just a few reasons we have taken the time to feature Decor by Angela as a spotlight Midland Tx Interior Designer.  Check out her website for more info.